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Luke 1-6 and Leviticus 1-14 are recorded!

498 times the camera started rolling and the signer began signing–114 of those were good takes–and in the end, 725 verses were captured. Those are just numbers though. Four of the five days we were working until very late, and the amount of mental … Continue reading

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Why Leviticus?

When she heard we had been questioned about our choice of books for translation, a friend wrote about her own experience: Last year, my son, feeling perhaps  revengeful because of the extra Japanese homework I had given him, suddenly said … Continue reading

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Luke 2 in their own language for the very first time !

This week we are glad to be under studio lights again.  The Japanese Sign Language Bible translation project will record Leviticus 1-16 and Luke 1-6!  We are very excited. For the first time ever,  the Japanese Deaf people will have … Continue reading

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