On the way to: International Conference on Sign Linguistics and Deaf Education in Asia 2013

Today, January 29 Japan time, Mark and two from the translation team (Yamada and Uiko) will fly to Hong Kong to attend a Sign Language Linguistics Conference at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. We are very grateful to SIL for helping with the cost of Mark’s transportation and conference attendance. Mark asks you pray for him as he goes to learn all he can and make contacts. We know that God is the One who can bring people together and give favor. Also pray for his mind to be sharp to learn and absorb much material.

One more prayer request. This is Mark’s first time attending a linguistics conference, and on Thursday,  he will present a paper on his findings on Japanese Sign Language verbs in relative clauses. (PS, in case you were wondering like I was: A relative clause is a piece of a sentence that can’t stand on its own, and that further describes a noun or pronoun, like “who can bring people together and give favor” in the last sentence of the previous paragraph.) Pray for calmness, confidence, and clarity.


About Mark and Mary Esther Penner

Mark works as an adviser and resource to a Japanese Sign Language Bible translation project that plays a key role in the worldwide sign language Bible translation movement. Mary Esther founded a non-profit organization that partners with local communities and organizations to collect, refurbish and send wheelchairs throughout Asia.
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