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Take a look (and help the cause)

Here’s something you can do to help reach Japanese Deaf people. Its a video to watch that will 1) give you a look at what Tokyo Deaf Baptist Church is doing and 2) increase the chances that a Japanese Deaf … Continue reading

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Sign Language Bible Translation Takes a Hit

Historically, finding funding for SLBT (Sign Language Bible Translation) has been a daunting task. People just assume “Deaf people can see, so they can read, so they don’t need a Bible translation.” End of matter. End of fundraising. In the … Continue reading

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Less than 50 years on this view

Block 1: “I live by myself and my hands and feet took me to many places trying to find what I lacked.  A friend suggested I volunteer at Wheelchairs of Hope.  Being alone with no one to talk to, with … Continue reading

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The 50 Year View

(In case you can’t read the text on the photo) Block 1:  The phone call came from out of the blue.  A lady was trying to find my father, would I please contact her?  “The lady” turned out to be … Continue reading

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