Gone West

Quick note:  Pastors Matsumoto and Minamida are in the big country west of Japan until the 19th. Some estimates place the need for Bible translation there at 18 different Sign Languages. People from all over this country are gathering to examine how to work together. There are some issues. Hearing agendas vs Deaf agendas, unified sign vs local sign–not to mention the group that won’t even attend. Pray for an abundance of grace extended from everyone to everyone there, flowing from God through them to touch the Deaf world. Pray also for Yuki, a Japanese hearing consultant in training, as he leaves tomorrow to join them.


About Mark and Mary Esther Penner

Mark works as an adviser and resource to a Japanese Sign Language Bible translation project that plays a key role in the worldwide sign language Bible translation movement. Mary Esther founded a non-profit organization that partners with local communities and organizations to collect, refurbish and send wheelchairs throughout Asia.
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