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Colossians in Yamagata, Part Two

Thank you for praying! The Yamagata trip was a great success.  Colossians is almost ready, and it looks like Pastor Matsumoto will be able to sign it well. First, some background. Since finishing the translation of Matthew, we have split … Continue reading

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Mrs. Ogata: Pray also for Mr. and Mrs. Ogata. You remember their story, how she had colon cancer surgery, found out she was pregnant, stopped the cancer treatment, then lost her baby? She recently went back to the oncologist, and … Continue reading

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Colossians In Yamagata

Mark is in Yamagata this week for an intensive focus on Colossians. Ms. Yano did the Colossians translation. After several checks and  three drafts worth of changes, she was ready for the comprehension check. We brought in a friend who … Continue reading

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Year End Report: Mary Esther

Without question 2011 will be remembered as the year of  the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear meltdown.  I know no words horrific or powerful enough to describe the disaster and its aftermath.  I still think about how the moving company called … Continue reading

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Year End Report: Mark

2011 was a year of huge proportions. The struggles were as earth-shaking and life-changing as the triple disaster, and the triumphs, too, were on the same scale. Putting words to the devastation we felt personally is close to impossible. The … Continue reading

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