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The Short Version

Ms. Yano getting baptized tomorrow Global Deaf Partnership Summit Visa Problem Mary Esther gives a Wheelchairs of Hope testimony at a hearing church tomorrow Mary Esther meets with the International Ladies Benefit Society on Tuesday

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Bits and Pieces

Praise God, Ms. Yano, a Deaf translator at ViBi,  is getting baptized this Sunday. Pastor Matsumoto, Pastor Kori, and Mr. Yamada will be flying to the U.S. next week to participate in the Global Deaf Partnership Summit from August 30–September … Continue reading

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Meetings Sunday and Tuesday

I (Mary Esther) am giving a testimony about Wheelchairs of Hope at a Japanese hearing church tomorrow morning (Sunday the 28th)  and a Wheelchairs of Hope co-worker will be giving the morning message at that service.  (It will be his … Continue reading

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The Short Version

Apologies for one month incommunicado The “Multi-Mini-Home-Assignment” schedule: fly to the U.S. three times a year to connect with our U.S. support team and see our son Daniel who lives in a group home there. 

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Nope, we haven’t fallen off the end of the world. Yep, we are still alive. And nope, you haven’t been removed from our prayer update list. It’s just really been a month since we wrote. In that time, we took … Continue reading

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