Down to the Wire

“Last week we sent our first wheelchair to Zimbabwe.” Sounds simple enough, but the reality was crazy. It started with “we’ve never done it in less than two weeks, but we’ll try,” and ended with “thank you Lord—no one but you would have put this together.” The only way we could do it, given all the logistics, was to take the chair to the airport in the morning, leave it with baggage claim, rush back to hand off the claim ticket to the traveler, and then head straight to our next meeting. Trouble was, we still didn’t have airline permission to even take the chair as gratis excess baggage. They were supposed to call and let us know “before noon.”


“Lord, I sure would like to know before we get to the airport whether or not they will take it,” was my prayer, but we were getting closer and closer, and still no phone call. We didn’t really want to go all the way back to the airport and retrieve it the next day if our request was denied, so continued to pray.  We were 15 feet (and about 3 seconds) from the Narita airport parking gate when the phone call came with the necessary permission!


This week we anticipate sending 3 chairs to Bangkok to a missionary to use in outreach there and 4 chairs to Mongolia with Japanese pastors who are traveling. Today we got final permission for both groups.  Please pray for those receiving the chairs to distribute them and for the recipients.  Please also pray for Mary Esther’s back which she hurt yesterday on the train.  There is a wheelchair cleaning day tomorrow and all the usual men who attend are out of town.  Pray that God will send the right people to help clean and box the seven chairs.  We also have an opportunity to send 100 chairs to a local church in the big country west of us—they want them to distribute to earthquake victims there.



Here is a picture of your new  Filipina sister sister, Marissa!  She is pictured with the pastor who shared God’s love through the wheelchair delivered and the Word. 

PTR WITNESSING TO MARISSA Please pray for Pastor Pascual as he follows up with the family.

About Mark and Mary Esther Penner

Mark works as an adviser and resource to a Japanese Sign Language Bible translation project that plays a key role in the worldwide sign language Bible translation movement. Mary Esther founded a non-profit organization that partners with local communities and organizations to collect, refurbish and send wheelchairs throughout Asia.
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