Prayer Breakfast

Thanks for praying for the pastor’s prayer meeting. Mary Esther writes:

That Tuesday I needed to leave the house by 6AM, a good hour earlier than I ever do.  We have this space-saving parking spot, a metal monstrosity that accommodates 22 cars (3 high, 8 wide, and 2 empty spots) by rotating them both vertically and horizontally to allow you to access your car, The previous night had been quite cold, though, with snow the day before, and when I went to get the car, all I got was an error message on the key pad. Frozen, apparently. My first thought was "thank you God! This is my excuse not to have to show up and talk in Japanese to the hearing pastors!" But I wasn’t quick enough. Another tenant arrived and woke up the resident care taker who fixed the problem, and by 6:20 we were back on schedule. 

The weather was bad enough that only 8 people showed up for the prayer breakfast.  The room had a “head table” complete with a long white linen tablecloth and silverware.  I was probably 20 years younger than anyone else there (except Mark.) I was glad they chose a hymn I was familiar with  and thankful for a fellow missionary who had created a cool power-point for me to use so my speaking time would be lessened. The talk went okay.

Then, they started praying.  I immediately realized that I was in the presence of people who had prayed many long and difficult years, men who worshiped in their prayer. What a privilege it was to be there with them as they prayed for God’s work in their country and other parts of Asia.  I no longer cared about how well or poor my talk went.  I was so glad I didn’t miss the opportunity!  Thank you for praying for me!


As I was writing this I got a piece of registered mail from the Prefectural Government with a summons to come in the next two weeks to get the official NPO registration papers!  Thank you for all your prayers! 


Mary Esther     


About Mark and Mary Esther Penner

Mark works as an adviser and resource to a Japanese Sign Language Bible translation project that plays a key role in the worldwide sign language Bible translation movement. Mary Esther founded a non-profit organization that partners with local communities and organizations to collect, refurbish and send wheelchairs throughout Asia.
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